Podcasting 101: Why It’s Effective & How You Can Get Started

If you’ve been paying attention to media trends over the past couple of years, you’re likely familiar with the growing popularity of podcasts. If we are being totally honest, who hasn’t listened to at least one podcast?

Even though podcasting is now well over a decade old, organizations and individuals ranging from the New York Times to small entrepreneurs are still finding ways to reinvent the medium. To underline this point, consider the fact that there have been an estimated 750,000 podcast series which have recorded over 30 million episodes as of June 2019.

Needless to say, it is clear that podcasting is still a piping hot medium for getting your message across. More importantly, with over 85 million listeners consistently tuning into their favorite podcast shows in the United States alone, there has never been a better time to start your own podcast.

In this short guide, you’ll learn all of the basics of podcasting, including why it is so popular, who can be a podcaster, and how to get started with your very own show. In other words, after reading this, you’ll be ready to start delivering quality podcasts to listeners around the world!

Why Is Podcasting So Popular?

While there are many different reasons behind the rise of podcasts, a few significant factors stand out. For one, the increased affordability of audio equipment has allowed almost anyone to get into the podcasting game.

This has led to the development of countless shows on almost every topic imaginable. Nearly limitless choices mean that every listener will be able to find a show that resonates with them.

Perhaps more importantly, podcasts are popular because they fit well into our busy lives. In the modern world, we are almost always multitasking in some way. A great podcast provides a welcome distraction while commuting or standing in line at the store, and can even be a great way to unwind at the end of a hectic day.

Who Should Consider Podcasting?

In short, anyone and everyone who feels they have something to share with the world through a podcast. If you have expert-level knowledge on a subject, chances are you will find a welcoming audience of like-minded individuals who look forward to enjoying your show.

Additionally, podcasting can be an excellent way for businesses, non-profits organizations, and government agencies to increase their visibility. If you’ve got a story to tell, chances are you’ll find a welcome audience for your podcast.

How Can I Get Started?

Podcasting has never been easier and more accessible for anyone to get started. There are several detailed podcasting guides out there, but this information can be distilled into a few short and easy steps:

  • Pick a theme or topic for your show
  • Purchase the right gear. For most people just starting out, all you need is a good microphone and software, such as Audacity, to record.
  • Prepare your content ahead of time. The best podcasts sound like natural conversations, so it is vital to prepare for each recording in advance.
  • Select a podcast hosting and submit your podcast to as many distribution services as you can.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your brand new podcast will be up-and-running. After recording your first episode, continue releasing content consistently to help build a dedicated fanbase. More importantly, have fun sharing your story with the world!